Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Ok guys a lot has been happening and yes it has been a while between bloggidy blogs! But check out what we've been up to! I've been scouring and collecting some cool pieces for the store. So I thought ya'll might enjoy some before and after shots!
I had been searching for these scrolled cane chairs for awhile because I think they are just gorgeous! They remind me of summer holidays, boho cool, sun bleached hair and lusciously tanned skin! Every time I sit in them I feel like reading a book and sipping iced tea. Oh! how refined I am!!

So here they are before....

And after.....

This last photo is a bit dark (my iphone photography needs work!) but I wanted to get a shot with the Marigold Flower Rug by Armadillo & Co as they make a great ensemble!

Here's some more babies I picked up that are currently under refurbishment.

You'll just have to wait to see the finished product!
Signing out xx

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  1. Wow, that was some great upholstery job there. By the way, for antique furnitures in Australia, visit: http://www.morethanantiques.com.au.