Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't you love being inspired by awesome creative chicks!
I love it when it fills me up with I bit of hope that I can fullfill my dreams, even the ones no one knows about. Do you have those kind of dreams? The dreams you can't even say out loud because the ears that they fall upon may hold you accountable to carry out that crazy dream?! I may have a couple of those kind of dreams....maybe just maybe. The sharing of dreams and desires is a very personal thing isn't it?  They come from our hearts, from the same place we paint, dance, sing, cook, love......from where we create. Awwwe geeze I just feel all good inside!
Now I'll tell you why I'm banging on about all this stuff is because I'm reading "Conversations with Creative Women" by Tess Mcabe. I'm really enjoying it! It's full of practical advice and leaps of faith by real women doing their thing. I love that kinda stuff!!! Real people sharing their stories! You can get your copy here www.creativewomenscircle.com.au/p/conversations-with-creative-women.html

Conversations with Creative Women - Book Launch at Harvest Workroom
I hope you are all are living out some of your dreams. Squeeze them in any way you can or just JUMP! WEEEeeeeeee!!!! What a ride it can be!
I leave you with another amazing women, Lisa Hannigan, she's livin it!! She is my new favourite!

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  1. Hey lady. Stacey here, the now Saltwater addict that keeps coming into the shop. Just wanted to let you know I've added a link to your blog to my sidebar. xxx